Who is Edward Akwesi Boateng?


Edward Akwasi Boateng is a Ghanaian gospel musician who has been active since the 1990s. He is known for his soul-stirring songs, such as “M’akoma So Ade”, “Adee Mepe Nyinaa”, and “Nokre Asem”. He has also won several awards, including the Ghana Music Award for Gospel Album of the Year in 2001.

Boateng’s music is characterized by his powerful voice, catchy melodies, and uplifting lyrics. His songs are often based on his personal experiences, such as his struggles with poverty, illness, and faith. He has inspired many listeners with his message of hope, gratitude, and salvation.

However, Boateng has faced some financial difficulties in recent years, and he was seen selling pen drives in the market to make ends meet. This has saddened his fans and prompted calls for support on social media.

Some have blamed the lack of royalties, piracy, and mismanagement for his plight. Others have suggested that he should collaborate with other artists or diversify his style to appeal to a wider audience.

Boateng is a respected figure in the Ghanaian gospel music scene, and his songs have touched many lives. He deserves recognition and appreciation for his contribution to the industry. He also needs the support and prayers of his fans and fellow musicians to overcome his challenges and continue his musical journey.


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