Edward Akwesi Boateng finally reveals why he was selling pen-drives and CDs on the streets


The revelation of gospel musician Edward Akwesi Boateng selling pendrives and CDs on the streets has stirred a wave of emotions among netizens, prompting him to clarify the situation.

In an interview on Akoma FM, Boateng disclosed that his decision stemmed from a pressing financial need ā€“ to pay the school fees of one of his four children.

Boateng explained that despite his efforts to cover a significant portion of the fees, he found himself lacking the necessary funds when his child informed him about the school’s ultimatum to pay the remaining balance or face expulsion.

Faced with this dilemma, Boateng saw selling pendrives containing his songs as a practical solution to raise the required funds.

Despite his current job as a mobile money agent, Boateng revealed that his earnings are limited due to working with a loan. Selling on the streets of Asafo became the most viable option to quickly generate the needed money.

The candid disclosure from Boateng sheds light on the challenges faced by even established musicians and underscores the importance of addressing financial struggles openly. Boateng’s actions reflect a parent’s determination to prioritize their child’s education, demonstrating the lengths one is willing to go for their family’s well-being.


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