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Mary is a witch sent to destroy Kuami Eugene’s career by sleeping with him but failed – Brother Sammy


Gospel musician, Brother Sammy has accused the former house help of hiplife/ highlife artist, Kuami Eugene of being a witch.

In a recent interview with Ghpage TV, Brother Sammy claimed that Mary had been sent to destroy Kuami Eugene’s life.

And now that her goal has been unsuccessful, she is attempting to damage his reputation.

Brother Sammy went on to say that Kuami Eugene’s career would have ended and he would never have been able to redeem himself if he had slept with Mary.

“As as artist, if you are not spiritual, you’ll take a lot of things for granted. That girl was sent to come and ruin Kuami Eugene’s career. If he had made the mistake of sleeping with her, that would have been the end of his career.
” As for her mother, she is is terrible woman. If your daughter started fainting when she came to the village to see you, how is that Kuami Eugene’s fault? When they failed in ruining him spiritually, they now want to ruin his reputation. But they won’t succeed. The Grace on Kuami Eugene is great”. He added.

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Blacc Tbwoy details why every artist must get a lawyer first


As a musician in this era, finding a lawyer is very important in keeping your career from a lot of dangers. I am Blacc Tbwoy, a blogger, talent manager and many more.

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It is very necessary to get a lawyer as an artist, since the business aspect of the craft is actually what will put food on one’s table. There are lots problems musicians won’t encounter once they have a good lawyer to protect them.

These are some benefits you get as an artist once you have got a lawyer.

1. Legal Protection of Intellectual Property:

– Artists create intellectual property such as paintings, music, or written works. A lawyer can help ensure that these creations are legally protected through copyrights, trademarks, or patents, preventing unauthorized use or reproduction.

2. Contract Negotiation and Drafting:

– Artists often engage in contracts with galleries, agents, publishers, or record labels. A lawyer can review, negotiate, and draft contracts to ensure that the terms are fair, protect the artist’s interests, and comply with relevant laws.

3. Royalties and Licensing:

– Lawyers can assist artists in negotiating fair royalty rates for the use of their work. They can also navigate licensing agreements, ensuring that artists are compensated appropriately when their work is used in various ways, such as in films, advertisements, or merchandise.

4. Dispute Resolution:

– In the event of disputes, whether with collaborators, business partners, or third parties, a lawyer can provide guidance on how to resolve conflicts. This could involve negotiation, mediation, or, if necessary, legal action.

5. Business Structure and Taxation:

– Lawyers can advise artists on the most suitable business structures (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation) and help them understand the tax implications. This ensures compliance with tax laws and potentially reduces tax burdens.

6. Compliance with Regulations:

– Artists may encounter various legal regulations, such as those related to obscenity laws, licensing, or permits for public performances. A lawyer can help artists navigate these regulations to avoid legal issues.

7. Estate Planning:

– For established artists, estate planning becomes crucial. A lawyer can assist in creating wills, trusts, or other legal instruments to ensure the proper management and distribution of assets after the artist’s passing.

8. Protection Against Exploitation:

– Artists may face challenges related to the exploitation of their work or likeness. A lawyer can help prevent exploitation by reviewing agreements and advising on how to protect against unauthorized use.

In essence, having a lawyer provides artists with legal expertise, protecting their rights, ensuring fair compensation, and helping navigate the complex legal landscape of the art and entertainment industry.

It allows artists to focus on their creativity while having a professional advocate for their legal interests.

I was paid GH₵20 for a movie role when I started acting – Fred Amugi


Renowned Ghanaian actor, Fred Nii Amugi, revealed in an interview with JoyPrime that during the early stages of his acting journey in the 1970s, he was remunerated with as little as GH₵20 for a movie role.

The actor credited his acceptance of modest payment to his fervor for acting and his determination to establish himself in the industry.

He recalled, “The lowest amount I have received as an actor is GH₵20, paid to me by GBC radio theatre.” During his early career, his motivation stemmed from passion rather than financial incentives.

He emphasized that the emerging actors at the time engaged in acting driven by a deep love for the craft. “We, the so-called beginners of these things, were doing it for the passion.

I just love it anytime someone is happy because he/she has been entertained by my performance, knowing that the viewers appreciate what I did was very satisfying.”

Uncle Fred, affectionately known for his iconic roles, provided insights into his career, highlighted the significant influence of directors, and encouraged aspiring actors to cherish every role assigned to them, emphasizing the importance of not undervaluing smaller roles in movies.

Kweku Flick and Rocky Dawuni head for the GRAMMYs as they release “Praise”


Ghana’s acclaimed artist Kweku Flick, renowned for his viral hit “Money,” is wrapping up the year on a note of gratitude with his latest release, “Praise.” Recognized as the “King of Melodies,”

Kweku Flick showcases his vocal excellence on this afro reggae track, expressing thanks to the Most High for guiding him through a successful year.

“Praise” distinguishes itself with conscious and uplifting vibes, providing listeners with a musical journey that mirrors Kweku Flick’s gratitude for divine guidance. Infusing his signature melodies into a jam-rock rhythm, the artist creates a distinctive blend that resonates with fans who have affectionately named him the “King of Melodies.”

Enhancing the allure of “Praise” is the collaboration with Grammy Award nominee Rocky Dawuni, a prominent figure in Ghana’s reggae genre. Rocky Dawuni’s impactful verse on the track elevates the song, seamlessly merging Kweku Flick’s contemporary sound with Rocky Dawuni’s reggae influence.

The partnership between Kweku Flick and Rocky Dawuni underscores the mutual respect and admiration they hold for each other’s talents. Rocky Dawuni, a highly regarded artist, recognized Kweku Flick’s potential, leading to a collaboration that fans of both artists eagerly anticipated.

Produced by Ghanaian Stallion and mixed and mastered by Apya, “Praise” is poised to resonate with audiences appreciative of meaningful and soul-stirring music.

As Kweku Flick continues to make waves in the music scene, “Praise” serves as a fitting conclusion to a successful year and a promising glimpse into the future for this emerging star.

First-year SHS students to reopen on Monday, December 4 – Education Ministry


The Ministry of Education has reiterated that the reopening date for first-year Senior High School students remains Monday, December 4, 2023.

This schedule is applicable to both the single and double-track systems and aligns with the academic calendar released by the Ghana Education Service (GES) for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Some parents and guardians have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited time for preparation and have called on the GES to reconsider a more suitable date for the new entrants.

Despite concerns raised about the short notice following the release of school placements, the Ministry emphasizes that the academic calendar was made available several weeks prior, offering ample time for parents to make necessary preparations.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Ministry’s spokesperson, has assured that students unable to report on the first day will not automatically lose their slots. This provides flexibility for a delayed arrival within the subsequent days or week. Kwarteng stated, “Resumption date for students within the SHS space remains Monday, December 4, 2023.

The expectation is that students report on the first day. But let me also hasten to add that the first-year students who are unable to report on the first day will not automatically lose their slots.”

“Students can report the following day or even the following week, as we have always witnessed.

If you look at the academic calendar, it had already been within the public space for some time now, and the expectation was that parents, guardians, and even students prepared ahead of time,” he explained.

However, Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has urged the Ministry to reconsider the date and shift it to the first week of January 2024.

5 lucrative temporary business ideas to explore in Ghana this December


As the festive season approaches, opportunities abound for enterprising individuals in Ghana to tap into the holiday spirit and explore temporary business ventures.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or launch a short-term enterprise, here are five lucrative business ideas that can potentially make you money this December.

  1. Event Decor and Planning Services:
    With the surge in holiday events and celebrations, there is a high demand for skilled event decorators and planners. Consider offering your services to individuals or businesses looking to create a festive atmosphere for their gatherings. This could include decorating homes, offices, or organizing small events. With creativity and attention to detail, you can capitalize on the festive mood and turn it into a profitable venture.
  2. Seasonal Merchandise Pop-Up Shop:
    Set up a temporary pop-up shop selling festive merchandise such as Christmas decorations, holiday-themed clothing, and accessories. Partner with local artisans to showcase unique, handmade items that can attract customers looking for distinctive gifts. This business can be particularly successful in high-traffic areas, markets, or near popular holiday event locations.
  3. Holiday Catering and Baking Services:
    The holiday season is synonymous with delicious food and treats. If you have culinary skills, consider offering catering or baking services for holiday parties and gatherings. You can focus on crafting special holiday-themed menus, including traditional Ghanaian dishes and festive desserts. Preparing and delivering meals or baked goods can be a lucrative venture during this busy time of the year.
  4. Mobile Photography Studio for Festive Portraits:
    Capture the joyous moments of the season by starting a mobile photography studio specializing in festive portraits. Offer your services at popular locations, events, or even door-to-door. Families and individuals often seek professional photographers to capture their holiday memories. Ensure your setup is visually appealing and provide instant prints or digital copies to make your service more enticing.
  5. Christmas Light Installation Services:
    As the demand for elaborate Christmas light displays increases, there is an opportunity to offer installation services for residential and commercial spaces. Many individuals may lack the time or expertise to create intricate light setups, making your services valuable. Advertise your expertise in designing and installing festive lighting, and watch as clients turn to you to bring the holiday sparkle to their homes or businesses.

This December, seize the opportunity to turn the festive season into a profitable venture with these temporary business ideas. Whether you choose to embrace your creative side through event planning or cater to the growing demand for holiday-themed services, there are various avenues to explore.

With the right strategy and dedication, you can make the most of the festive spirit and generate income while spreading holiday cheer.

VIDEO: Lady fights Abena Korkor in public after she refused to pay a debt GHS2,000


Controversial figure Abena Korkor is once again in the news, this time involved in an unusual incident that has sparked discussions across the internet.

Sources suggest that she allegedly consumed balloons at a night club in Accra, accumulating a bill of Ghs 2,000, which she purportedly refused to pay intentionally.

A trending video posted on Instagram captures the moment when Abena Korkor engages in a heated dispute with a bartender, while onlookers observe the unfolding scene.

In the background, Abena is heard adamantly refusing to settle the bill, despite someone offering to cover the expenses on her behalf. This refusal prompts the bartender to express frustration and react assertively towards Abena Korkor.

The balloons in question are commonly associated with the recreational inhalation of nitrous oxide, colloquially known as laughing gas or ‘hippy crack.’

Cristiano Ronaldo sued $1billion for promoting unregistered companies


The Al-Nassr star entered a sponsorship deal with Binance in June 2022, despite prior warnings by the Financial Conduct Authority about the exchange’s risks. The claimants assert that Ronaldo’s association resulted in over $1 billion in damages through unprofitable investments.

The filed complaint in the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, accuses Ronaldo of actively participating in the sale of unregistered securities with Binance. Additionally, it alleges a 500 percent surge in searches for the crypto exchange following Ronaldo’s promotion of its NFTs.

Gary Gensler, the chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, has previously stressed the importance of celebrities endorsing investment opportunities, especially in the realm of crypto-asset securities, and advocated for thorough research by investors.

MoMo: Now you cannot withdraw more than GH¢1,000 per transaction – details


In a bid to advocate for the equitable treatment of Mobile Money Agents in Ghana, the leadership of the four Mobile Money Agents Associations has announced a significant decision scheduled for implementation starting December 1, 2023.

From this date onward, a provisional measure will be enacted, capping cash withdrawals at a maximum of Ghc1,000.00 per transaction for customers across diverse service providers.

This step aims to address concerns related to commission reviews and ensure fair compensation for the dedicated agents who play a pivotal role in the Mobile Money ecosystem.

The decision is part of an ongoing dialogue between the associations and service providers, with the objective of securing just and reasonable compensation for Mobile Money Agents.

This temporary measure is strategically implemented to underscore the significance of the matter and prompt a prompt and favorable adjustment in commission structures. Over the one-month duration, the leadership of the Mobile Money Agents Associations plans to actively collaborate with service providers to address raised concerns and work towards a fair resolution.

The ultimate goal is to create an environment where the contributions of Mobile Money Agents are duly acknowledged and compensated in a manner commensurate with their vital role in the financial services sector.

However, if no favorable adjustment occurs within this stipulated period, the associations express their regrettable preparedness to implement additional action plans. This firm stance underscores their unwavering commitment to achieving fair compensation for Mobile Money Agents. The group emphasizes that stakeholders, customers, and partners are encouraged to join in mobilizing support for the cause, advocating for the fair compensation of Mobile Money Agents, and fostering a sustainable and equitable Mobile Money landscape in Ghana.

VIDEO: Girlfriend threatens to drop sɛx tape of Kuami Eugene and ex househelp


The internet has not seen peace after the dismissal of Kuami Eugene’s househelp. The whole issue popped up after she granted an interview and revealed the ‘small’ amount of money she was receiving as payment.

Some of her interviews has been making headlines this week and in one of them she stated that she has been threstened by Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend.

This issue has garnered a large number conversations on the media.

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