Western Togoland establishes taskforce for electoral integrity and human rights


The Western Togoland Governing Council and Defense Council have launched a special task force on January 18, 2024, with three primary objectives.

The task force aims to conduct an anti-voting campaign within Western Togoland, investigate individuals assisting the Ghanaian government in the alleged unlawful arrest of activists, and monitor comments supporting the government’s actions.

The council leadership has issued a caution against public participation in voting-related gatherings.

This action is a response to perceived human rights violations and discontent with the union with Ghana. Despite a UN Human Rights Council ruling calling for the release of Western Togoland activists, the Ghanaian government has not complied.

The council has also urged traditional rulers to remain vigilant and avoid aligning with politicians who may be violating human rights in the Western Togoland cause.


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