List of movies Vincent McCauley starred in


Meet Vincent McCauley, the talented actor who brought some of Ghana’s favorite characters to life on TV and film.

From his debut in 2003 on ‘Things We Do for Love’ to his final projects in 2020, let’s take a journey through the highlights of his acting career:

  1. Starting with ‘Things We Do for Love’ (2003):
    Vincent McCauley began his acting journey in 2003 with ‘Things We Do for Love,’ portraying the character Max. This marked his introduction to the world of TV and film.
  2. The rise of Ben in ‘My Sister’s Honour’ (2009):
    In 2009, he played Ben in ‘My Sister’s Honour,’ showcasing his talent and proving that he was more than a one-hit wonder. His acting skills started gaining recognition.
  3. Taking on Foo in ‘Adams Apples’ (2011):
    Venturing into movies in 2011 with ‘Adams Apples,’ where he played the character Foo, demonstrated his versatility. Vincent showed he could handle different roles beyond the small screen.
  4. Being Donald in ‘Caspers Energy’ (2015):
    Playing Donald in ‘Caspers Energy’ in 2015, Vincent showcased depth in his characters, earning respect in the industry. It highlighted that he brought substance to his roles.
  5. Jojo in ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’ (2017):
    Vincent’s romantic side emerged in 2017 when he starred as Jojo in ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding.’ Fans appreciated his on-screen charm and how he made characters feel authentic.
  6. ‘Save the Street’ (2018):
    In 2018, Vincent joined ‘Save the Street,’ demonstrating his commitment to social issues through his craft. He used his acting skills to make a positive impact beyond entertainment.
  7. ‘All or Nothing’ (2020):
    Vincent didn’t slow down in 2020; he continued with ‘All or Nothing.’ Fans were thrilled to see him on screen again, delivering captivating performances.
  8. YOLO TV series (2020-2022):
    In 2020, Vincent took on a new role in the popular TV series ‘YOLO,’ portraying Mark Anthony’s dad. He continued with the show until his passing on January 18, 2020.

Vincent McCauley’s journey in acting transcends playing roles; it’s about breathing life into characters and making audiences care about the stories unfolding on screen.

As we remember him, we celebrate the impactful stories he told and the lasting legacy he left in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.


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