VIDEO: Diana Hamilton talks about her rape case during SHS


Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Hamilton recently shared a traumatic incident from her secondary school days at Ghana National College which inspired her latest song, ‘The Doing of the Lord’ featuring Nigeria’s Mercy Chinwo.

During an interview with Naa Ashorkor on the ‘New Day’ show, the ‘Adom’ hitmaker recalled a challenging incident in which her school mother, during her freshman year, led her into a situation where she was almost ganged raped by her seniors.

Reflecting on the incident, Diana explained, “I went to Ghana National and it was an interco and a sixth former literally sold me out to some big boys and it took the hand of God not to have been raped and I look at that and it was the doing of the Lord which snatched me out of there and I was that close.”

The 2021 VGMA Artiste of the Year winner narrated the miraculous turn of events that led her to the streets of Kotokraba in Cape Coast after being taken away by her seniors.

“We went for interco and I was in first year and then my school mother then said follow these guys, they are going to get me some biscuit and give it to you and you will bring it to me.

“As a fresher, I followed them by the time I realised one was in front of me and another behind me and I was in the middle then one opened the door and there was another girl so I thought it was two ladies and two boys going somewhere.

“The next thing I saw was the one in front opened the door to a car sat in and the one behind me urged me to sit and I sat and the other guy also sat in, the next thing I heard was the other girl said ‘ɛneɛ mo mbaabai ooo’ [then goodbye], she left.”

She continued, “By the time I realised I was in Cape Coast-Kotokraba in a funny area. It took God to give an SS1 girl the courage to tell upper sixth formers I will not enter this house,” she shared on ‘New Day.’

Despite the incident, Diana revealed that her school mother discouraged her from reporting it to the authorities.


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