VIDEO: Cheddar reveals how he made his first £1M at 21 from selling scrap

Nana Kwame Bediako

Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar, recently shared his journey to earning his first million pounds at the age of 21. His success story is rooted in ventures in the telecommunications industry and selling scrap in the UK. Following his lucrative endeavors, he invested $20,000 to establish a nightclub in Ghana, ultimately selling it in 2002 for a noteworthy sum of $75,000.

During an interview on Citi TV, Cheddar expressed his dedication to providing young individuals with opportunities in decision-making, should he be elected in the upcoming 2024 polls. He highlighted the significant lack of such opportunities over the past four decades and stressed the importance of empowering the youth.

Reflecting on his early achievements, Cheddar recounted, “The first money I made in England altogether was a million pounds, and I was 21. I was working for myself under my company, GT (Global Telecommunications and Utilities), engaging in the sale of scrap. I had my own office and two employees.”

Cheddar’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at a young age, and he acknowledged the challenges that come with investments, noting, “I started investments at a very young age, and what happens when you make investments is that the money goes away, and it feels like you are broke again, so it makes you hungry.” His story serves as an inspiration and underscores his commitment to fostering opportunities for the younger generation in the years to come.


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