Read your contracts well before you sign them – Malcolm Nuna drops his record label secrets: WATCH


Sensational Ghanaian musician Malcolm Nuna has blessed his fans and music lovers with “Presidential Flow”. A flow dear to his heart, which also contains some interesting stories.

Nuna is one known talented singer who also has the ability to rap effortlessly. In his latest release, ‘Presidential Flow’, which is a full rap song, Malcom revealed some interesting stuff fans and music enthusiasts have classified as controversial.

The multiple award-winning musician took things personal and indeed went presidential on the instruments like never before.

According to Nuna, musicians, especially up and coming ones, should read contracts very well before they sign them because it could land you into things you won’t really like in the end, but have to do because of contratcts.

He also made some revelations about his record label manager and others. Listen below.


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