VIDEO: Bridesmaids had to sweep and gather money sprayed at wedding


A video of some bridesmaids carrying an obviously large sum of cash sprayed at a wedding has gone viral.

A viral video shared on Instagram showed a group of bridesmaids skillfully sweeping and packing money that had been sprayed on the couple after the wedding.

In the video, bridesmaids sweep the money together to help with the packing process, while others carefully place it into a bag, ensuring that every penny is handled with care.

The extravagant display of cash captivated netizens, who were captivated by the video. The video received numerous comments expressing envy and fascination with the bridesmaids’ experience.

The sight of such wealth inspired viewers to desire a similar encounter with an abundance of money.

As the video circulated online, netizens couldn’t help but fantasize about having access to such a lavish display of wealth.


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