Ghanaians praise Ampem Darkoa Ladies’ player, who granted an interview in Twi – video


Some Ghanaians have expressed their pride after Comfort Yeboah, a player for Apem Dorkoa Ladies, expressed herself in Twi in a post-match interview with international media.

Apem Dorkoa Ladies of Ghana’s Women’s Premier League faced Morocco’s AS FAR Rabat in their first match of the ongoing CAF Women’s Champions League on Monday, November 6, 2023.

Morocco’s AS FAR Rabat took the lead with a goal in the first half, but Ampem Darkoa Ladies’ Comfort Yeboah equalized when a ball from the corner spot landed in front of her with no one tackling her.

She eventually found the net and equalized for Ghana’s Ampem Darkoa Ladies in the 57th minute.


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