Robbery suspect runs away from courtroom


Peter Huche, 36, of Southlea Park, was scheduled to appear before the Magistrate for his hearing. The man was apprehended by the Chivhu CID after being accused of robbery.

Petter was apprehended while fleeing Harare in Chivhu after committing his crime. He has been detained by police while awaiting his appearance in Chitungwiza Magistrates Court.

The police have yet to release information about the robbery in which he participated. The suspect was being held in a holding cell when the officers who were with him went to hand him over to the prosecutors.

Peter was then aided in his escape by what police believe was a bolt cutter that cut his steel bars. Huche quickly fled the building, and searches for him inside proved futile.

The suspect is still on the run, and police are doing everything they can to find him. According to the Judicial Service Commission Secretary, an investigation into how the incident occurred is still ongoing.


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