Never choose me over money – Jay Z to fans


Jay Z is telling those who declare they will pay $500,000 for a supper with him to reconsider. It is a horrible bargain, according to the American rapper, to meet him for more than $500,000.

Jay Z addressed the viral Twitter topic in an exclusive interview. A few months ago, some Twitter philosophers suggested that a supper with Jay Z is worth more than $500,000 since the rapper can pass on knowledge or a network that will make you a millionaire.

However, Jay Z believes that this is a bad idea. The billionaire rapper told Gayle King on ‘CBS Mornings,’ “You got to take the money.”

You got all that in the music, that’s a bad deal, I won’t tell you to cut the bad deal, take the 500, 000 go buy some album and listen to the album it’s all there”.


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