Still, no man has made me feel orgasm; all I do is squirt- Shugatiti


Shugatiti has returned with an update after going famous globally seven months ago when she revealed she had never reached sexual satisfaction.

Despite having sexual intercourse with multiple guys, the Ghanaian actress revealed in an interview that none of the men she has ever dated had ever made her to orgasm.

“You can’t satisfy me, I have never cum in my life, I don’t get orgasm. I asked my doctor, and he said it was normal because not all women will get orgasms” she said.

In a new interview with actor Kwaku Manu, the Ghanaian socialite stated that she has yet to experience orgasm since the males she has met so far have not been strong enough.

Kwaku Manu asked, “So what exactly have the boys who have been banging you been doing?” and Shugatiti answered, “At least they made me squirt. I have been excited about it since. But I think they are not strong enough.”


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