Voice note of Emeka Ike telling his son to k!ll himself sparks reactions


A disturbing voice note featuring Nigerian actor Emeka Ike instructing his son to harm himself has ignited reactions on social media.

The voice note, released by his ex-wife, serves as her justification for portraying him negatively in their marriage and divorce.

In the voice note, Emeka Ike expresses frustration about spending money on his son and being subjected to blackmail by both his children and their mother. Despite the challenges, he insists on reconciling with their mother, overlooking the actions taken against him.

Online reactions vary, with some suggesting that Emeka Ike’s frustration is understandable, especially considering the complexities of family dynamics in African homes.

Others caution against forming judgments solely based on voice notes, emphasizing the potential manipulation and deception that can occur in such situations.

Commenters note the possibility of the children being weaponized against Emeka Ike, leading to his apparent outburst. Some empathize with his emotional state, perceiving him as a broken man enduring significant pain and frustration.

Overall, the online discourse reflects a mix of understanding, empathy, and skepticism about the complexities of familial relationships and their portrayal in the voice note.


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