Emeka Ike is a drug addict – Ex-wife shares


The former spouse of Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has chosen to reveal certain revelations about the actor, countering comments he made about her in a recent interview.

Suzanna Emma, the ex-wife, alleges that the well-known actor is involved in drug addiction.

In a candid tell-all interview, Suzanna expressed her frustration with the actor’s habit of granting interviews and spreading falsehoods about her. Feeling compelled to set the record straight, she revealed her family’s concerns and the misuse of funds from various projects.

Suzanna, widely known as Suzzana, asserted that Emeka Ike’s alleged drug use was a cause for worry, and funds from various endeavors were not being utilized appropriately.

She further mentioned that when she confronted him about his marijuana use, the actor justified it by claiming it was the only way to keep himself calm.

Emeka Ike recently gained attention when, in an interview, he stated that he had married a “devil” who later sold all his properties while he was out of the country. Suzanna’s revelations provide her side of the story, offering a different perspective on the actor’s public statements.


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