VIDEO: Lady fights Abena Korkor in public after she refused to pay a debt GHS2,000


Controversial figure Abena Korkor is once again in the news, this time involved in an unusual incident that has sparked discussions across the internet.

Sources suggest that she allegedly consumed balloons at a night club in Accra, accumulating a bill of Ghs 2,000, which she purportedly refused to pay intentionally.

A trending video posted on Instagram captures the moment when Abena Korkor engages in a heated dispute with a bartender, while onlookers observe the unfolding scene.

In the background, Abena is heard adamantly refusing to settle the bill, despite someone offering to cover the expenses on her behalf. This refusal prompts the bartender to express frustration and react assertively towards Abena Korkor.

The balloons in question are commonly associated with the recreational inhalation of nitrous oxide, colloquially known as laughing gas or ‘hippy crack.’


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