5 lucrative temporary business ideas to explore in Ghana this December


As the festive season approaches, opportunities abound for enterprising individuals in Ghana to tap into the holiday spirit and explore temporary business ventures.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or launch a short-term enterprise, here are five lucrative business ideas that can potentially make you money this December.

  1. Event Decor and Planning Services:
    With the surge in holiday events and celebrations, there is a high demand for skilled event decorators and planners. Consider offering your services to individuals or businesses looking to create a festive atmosphere for their gatherings. This could include decorating homes, offices, or organizing small events. With creativity and attention to detail, you can capitalize on the festive mood and turn it into a profitable venture.
  2. Seasonal Merchandise Pop-Up Shop:
    Set up a temporary pop-up shop selling festive merchandise such as Christmas decorations, holiday-themed clothing, and accessories. Partner with local artisans to showcase unique, handmade items that can attract customers looking for distinctive gifts. This business can be particularly successful in high-traffic areas, markets, or near popular holiday event locations.
  3. Holiday Catering and Baking Services:
    The holiday season is synonymous with delicious food and treats. If you have culinary skills, consider offering catering or baking services for holiday parties and gatherings. You can focus on crafting special holiday-themed menus, including traditional Ghanaian dishes and festive desserts. Preparing and delivering meals or baked goods can be a lucrative venture during this busy time of the year.
  4. Mobile Photography Studio for Festive Portraits:
    Capture the joyous moments of the season by starting a mobile photography studio specializing in festive portraits. Offer your services at popular locations, events, or even door-to-door. Families and individuals often seek professional photographers to capture their holiday memories. Ensure your setup is visually appealing and provide instant prints or digital copies to make your service more enticing.
  5. Christmas Light Installation Services:
    As the demand for elaborate Christmas light displays increases, there is an opportunity to offer installation services for residential and commercial spaces. Many individuals may lack the time or expertise to create intricate light setups, making your services valuable. Advertise your expertise in designing and installing festive lighting, and watch as clients turn to you to bring the holiday sparkle to their homes or businesses.

This December, seize the opportunity to turn the festive season into a profitable venture with these temporary business ideas. Whether you choose to embrace your creative side through event planning or cater to the growing demand for holiday-themed services, there are various avenues to explore.

With the right strategy and dedication, you can make the most of the festive spirit and generate income while spreading holiday cheer.


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