Trending video of church members kneeling to welcome their pastor breaks the internet


Members of a Nigerian church recently demonstrated deep reverence for their General Overseer, Apostle Amos Isah, in a distinctive and humble display.

Upon Apostle Amos Isah’s arrival in his car, a dedicated member immediately opened his car door while kneeling, setting the tone for an extraordinary reception.

As the religious leader walked past, other congregants also knelt down in adoration, adding to the solemn atmosphere.

A video capturing this unique welcome has elicited mixed reactions, with some expressing admiration for the level of respect and reverence displayed by the church members. However, others question the appropriateness of such practices within religious settings.

In the footage, Apostle Amos Isah is seen touching each member on the head as he walked by, further emphasizing the spiritual connection and acknowledgment of his role in the church.


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