This is why GH man in England has been arrested for chatting with underage girls


A Ghanaian Man has been arr£sted for s£x chatting a 14-year-old girl just one month after he relocated to England for greener pastures.

In a video going viral online, the man whose name is not known yet was being questioned by The UK authorities after finding out that he has been chatting with a 14 year old girl.

According to him, he has been sending the girl photos of his manh00d and requesting to see her b00bs and more.

The man in the video was working as a chef before he was caught.

See some reactions below;

“He knows the consequences of what he
was doing but chose to do it anyway, let
him face the WRATH.”

ochland: “I won’t even ask and adult for such, nor will I even send my body to anyone. We need to do better mehn!”

midecupoftee: “If it was in Nigeria they will start blaming the girl’s parents for buying her a phone

kingkachie_: “Yoruba men on this table”

trina_joness: “They do it freely without consequences in Nigeria. I love it when they travel and get what they deserve”


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