The royalties system in Ghana can be worked on- Sarkodie

The royalties system in can be worked on- Sarkodie
The royalties system in can be worked on- Sarkodie

Sarkodie, Africa’s highly acclaimed rapper, has expressed his views on the issue of royalties in Ghana, considering it a significant topic in the country. In an interview, he emphasized the need for improvements in the royalties system, describing it as a relatively simple task.

The rapper suggested that implementing an effective royalties system is achievable with the right approach, either through governmental intervention or by industry stakeholders taking appropriate measures. He highlighted the importance of ensuring that musicians recoup the money they invest in their craft.

Sarkodie proposed a system similar to those in Western countries, where musicians benefit financially from their creations. He outlined a scenario where establishments playing music would log each song played, allowing musicians to receive compensation accordingly.

For example, if his songs were played at an event, he reasoned that he should receive compensation for each play, which could amount to a significant sum considering the frequency of such events in Ghana, including parties, funerals, and naming ceremonies.


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