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The 4th most famous Drezza of the horse racing “Chrysanthemum Award” won the championship


The autumn classic race of horse racing, “Kikuka-sho” was held at Kyoto Racecourse, and the 4th most popular Drezza won the championship and won the G1 race for the first time.

The Chrysanthemum Award, which is the 84th time this year, was held on a 3000-meter turf course at Kyoto Racecourse for the first time in three years, and 17 horses ran.

While the most popular Sole Orient, who won the Satsuki Award, and the second most popular Tastiera, who won the Japan Derby, was in the back, the 4th most popular Drezza actively pulled the race ahead.

Then, he took the lead in the last straight line, and although he was caught up by Tastiela, he won by 3 and a half horses, and won the championship with a time of 3 minutes 3 seconds 1.

Durezza, who did not run in the spring G1 race, won the G1 race for the first time at Kikuka-sho, which will be the last classic race this year.

The 2nd place was Tastyera, and the 3rd place was Sole Orient.

Christophe Lemaire, who rode on Drezza, said, “The horse was very healthy and went to the front, so I thought it would be better to run away. The response was still good in the 3rd and 4th corners, so I thought I could definitely get results,” he recalled.

The refund is
▽The single win is No. 17 and it’s 730 yen,
▽The frame series is 4-8 and 1050 yen,
▽Maren is No. 7-17 and it’s 1980 yen,
▽The horse single is No. 17-7 for 4210 yen,
▽The triple is 1570 yen for No. 7-14-17,
▽The trifecta is No. 17-7-14 for 12,380 yen,
▽For wide, No. 7-17 was 660 yen, No. 14-17 was 400 yen, and No. 7-14 was 260 yen.

Source: NHK NEWS



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