Tall list of all the expensive gifts Adebayor dashed Funny Face before their fallout


Funny Face and Adebayor have been close friends for almost a decade, but their friendship faced challenges in October 2021 when Funny Face publicly insulted Adebayor and other benefactors.

However, in a March 2023 interview, Funny Face revealed that he made conscious efforts to reconcile with Adebayor, and the football star accepted his apology.

Despite the fallout, Adebayor had been extremely generous to Funny Face over the years. Here is a recap of the expensive gifts Adebayor bestowed upon Funny Face:

  1. Customized Range Rover (2012): Adebayor started the tradition of giving by presenting Funny Face with a customized Range Rover in 2012.
  2. $80,000 Porsche Panamera (2020): Adebayor elevated the generosity in 2020 by gifting Funny Face a Porsche Panamera worth $80,000.
  3. $18,000 Hyundai Car (2020): In the same year, Adebayor surprised Funny Face with an $18,000 Hyundai car, adding to the comedian’s collection of high-end vehicles.
  4. Jeep Wrangler (2021): The gifts continued in 2021 as Adebayor presented Funny Face with a Jeep Wrangler, marking another chapter in their remarkable friendship.

Apart from these cars, Adebayor reportedly gave Funny Face blank cheques on multiple occasions, allowing him to fulfill his wishes. Additionally, Adebayor provided free shopping vouchers as part of Funny Face’s birthday celebrations.

These gifts showcased the depth of their friendship, emphasizing Adebayor’s generosity and support for Funny Face even during challenging times.


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