Fadda Dickson sacked me when I went to beg for his forgiveness – Funny Face


Funny Face has disclosed that his efforts to reconcile with Fada Dickson were unsuccessful, and he was dismissed with Fada Dickson making it clear that he no longer wants any association with the comedian.

During his previous relapse, Funny Face had attacked, insulted, and denigrated his major benefactors, including Fada Dickson, Bola Ray, and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Following his treatment and recovery, Funny Face managed to apologize to Bola Ray and Adebayor, both of whom forgave him.

However, his attempt to extend an apology to Fada Dickson resulted in him being ousted, and Fada Dickson refused to entertain him.

Funny Face also revealed that, despite his recovery, some Ghanaian celebrities are actively trying to blacklist him and prevent brands from supporting him.

This disclosure sheds light on the challenges he is facing in rebuilding relationships within the industry and seeking support for his career.


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