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Shatta Wale declares Sammy Flex as his best manager ever


Ghanaian Dancehall star, Shatta Wale, has heaped praise on his manager, Sammy Flex, hailing him as the best manager he’s had in his career. Speaking on Onua Showbiz, Shatta Wale lauded Sammy Flex for his exceptional work, marking his first public comments since the release of his ‘KONEKT’ album earlier in the month.

Shatta Wale, who has faced managerial challenges in the past, found a reliable partner in Sammy Flex after a period without management.

Shatta Wale emphasized Sammy Flex’s ability to listen and cater to his specific needs, a trait he found lacking in previous managers. Unlike past experiences, Shatta Wale noted that Sammy Flex aligns his efforts with the artist’s desires, fostering a seamless and harmonious working relationship.

The artist further praised Sammy Flex’s deep understanding of him, highlighting their strong rapport and synergy, which have contributed to their professional success. Shatta Wale likened Sammy Flex to Moses for the Shatta Movement, commending his patience and attentiveness to the artist’s needs.

Recalling a trip to London with Sammy Flex, Shatta Wale shared how the manager’s dedication, even to simple tasks like morning jogs, exemplified his commitment to their collaboration.

Overall, Shatta Wale expressed gratitude for the positive and exhilarating journey with Sammy Flex, appreciating his willingness to support and follow the artist’s lead rather than imposing his own agenda.



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