Media houses denied access to late Kikibees CEO’s one-week observation 


The family of Bennet Agyekum-Adoma, the CEO of Kikibees Restaurant and Lounge, has prevented the media from covering his one-week observation ceremony, citing biased and negative media stories following his untimely death.

The ceremony, which took place today in the East Legon Executive Clubhouse, was shrouded in secrecy, with media workers absolutely forbidden from taking photographs or videos.

The family’s decision to limit media access to the event derives from their dissatisfaction with how the young entrepreneur has been depicted in the media since his death.

According to reporters on the scene, the family said the media should have waited for the autopsy results before releasing any details regarding his tragic demise.

Cecilia Adomah, the late CEO’s mother, has already emphatically denied that her son committed suicide or died as a result of drug-related issues. She vehemently defended her son’s character and reputation in an interview with Bigscout Media.

Mrs. Cecilia Adomah previously stated that her son was a successful, youthful, and responsible businessman with no apparent cause to consider suicide or imperil his life. She voiced her surprise at the incorrect information that was spreading, and she questioned what her son lacked in life as a guy with a loving family and a successful work.

She described her son’s final moments, adding that he had visited her in Amsterdam barely a week before his untimely death in Ghana. She vividly recounted the situation.


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