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Lupita and Godpapa have been declared mentally ill and not fit for trial


Empress Lupita and her husband, ‘Godpapa The Greatest,’ the famous TikTok pair, have been found mentally ill and incompetent to face trial for the alleged death of their kid.

The court’s judgment, which was based on a report from an Accra Psychiatric Hospital officer, follows a string of odd courtroom behavior by the pair during their legal processes.

According to Angel FM’s court correspondent, Ama Brako, the couple has been acting out in court, such as talking and joking amongst themselves.

“They were charged with murder,” said Ama Brako. “When they appeared in court, the judge at the Tema District Court said they should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for examination because they sometimes create drama in the courtroom.”

“For instance, they can chat, laugh, and do all sorts of things in the courtroom, so the judge ordered that they should be examined,” she said.

She claimed that the examination was carried out by a senior psychiatrist at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, and that the doctor’s report found a history of mental instability stretching back approximately 11 years.

“A senior medic from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital came to court to explain matters; she stated that the two of them had been mentally unstable for about 11 years and she believed that they had been hearing.



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