Lionel Messi donates his eighth Ballon d’Or to the Barcelona museum


Lionel Messi’s remarkable collection of trophies has reached a point where he lacks sufficient space at home to display them all. In a generous move, Barcelona has stepped in to assist the legendary footballer by accommodating seven of his Ballon d’Or awards in the club’s official museum, with an eighth on its way.

It’s reported that Messi has acknowledged his overflowing collection, stating, “Everything I own is in Barcelona, there at the museum. Ballons d’Or, Golden Boots, everything.”

As a result, he has opted to contribute the eighth Ballon d’Or to be showcased alongside the others he has earned.

While some speculate whether the eighth trophy is an original or a replica, Messi’s decision underscores his humility and commitment to his legacy, ensuring that his achievements are appropriately recognized and preserved for fans and future generations to admire.


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