Lady weeps as her lips grow suddenly large overnight.


A Nigerian woman whose lips began ballooning unexpectedly two years ago has finally uncovered the cause of her ailment.
The woman, named as Barakatu Lasisi, addressed internet rumors about her swollen lips, which were four times larger than normal.

She claimed that she did not have lip surgery and that her illness resulted from an allergic reaction to something she ate two years ago.

According to her, she attempted to seek medical help to find a cure to her lip ailment but was unsuccessful.

She said; “I did not do lip surgery, I will not do this to myself intentionally. I don’t think there’s any gain in doing lip surgery and I didn’t use pink lip balm. It’s actually an allergic reaction to something I ate which I’m still trying up till now to work on. It actually happened two years ago.

I’ve gone to like three different hospitals for tests, injections and drugs but it’s not working out. I’ve taken a lot of drugs even the one that almost killed me. I’ve taken lots of injections from three different hospitals, I’ve spent a lot of money. I decided to stop taking drugs so I won’t cause harm to my system because the antibiotics were too much.”


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