KiDi laments on how companies sell bad fuel to people


Ghanaian music sensation Kidi has joined the growing concern over the sale of substandard fuel in the country, highlighting its adverse effects on consumers’ vehicles.

Taking to his X (formerly Twitter) handle, Kidi expressed disappointment at the rising cases of engine and car parts damage attributed to the dispensing of poor-quality fuel at gas stations. He urged for immediate action to address the issue and questioned the sale of such inferior fuel, seeking an explanation.

In November, the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC) raised alarms about a surge in complaints from car owners, especially those using gasoline, regarding fuel quality issues.

Drivers reported problems such as delayed acceleration, challenging gear changes, and plug misfiring, resulting in decreased engine performance. Preliminary investigations suggested a potential high manganese content in the fuel.

As of December, users on the X platform continued to voice concerns about the detrimental effects of elevated manganese levels in fuel sold at pumps in Ghana.

They presented evidence of spark plug damage and called for stringent measures to identify oil marketing companies selling fuel with excessive manganese levels. Even the Consul of Italy to Ghana reported similar issues with his brand-new car.

COPEC has consistently threatened legal action against the National Petroleum Authority if the matter is not promptly addressed, emphasizing the critical need to uphold standards for petroleum products.


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