Ivory Coast expels Franco-Algerian influencer Sofia Benlemane over controversial remarks


Franco-Algerian social media influencer Sofia Benlemane is facing expulsion from Ivory Coast following derogatory remarks about Ivorians in a video posted on January 14, 2024.

The 54-year-old influencer was arrested in Bouaké by the Centre for the Coordination of Operational Decisions (CCDO) and later questioned by the Territorial Surveillance Directorate (DST) in Abidjan.

She admitted to the allegations during her hearing and expressed accountability for her actions. Ivorian authorities have informed the Algerian embassy in Abidjan about her arrest and impending deportation.

Benlemane is set to be deported on the next flight, as confirmed by an Ivorian government source. The incident has sparked reactions and condemnation in Ivory Coast and Algeria, highlighting the consequences of verbal excesses in the social media era.

The swift deportation underscores the seriousness with which such offenses are treated, reflecting the increasing global scrutiny on influencers’ behavior and the diplomatic fallout caused by their actions.


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