I will never, ever let a female crush my heart – KiDi


KiDi, a popular Afrobeat artist, has proclaimed that he will never again let a lady break his heart, relating his own experience with heartbreak.

KiDi addressed allegations about his mental health and the circumstances surrounding his earlier heartbreak in an interview with Accra-based TV3.

When host Berla Mundi probed about the nature of his previous troubles, KiDi disputed that it was primarily due to a broken heart but admitted that it was a complex combination of numerous personal challenges.

“No, it was a combination of factors.” I promised myself after SHS that I would never entrust my heart to a girl to breakā€¦”I’ve received my first share,” he revealed.

Despite the inherent problems of the music industry, KiDi stated unequivocally that he would not cave to pressure or attribute his issues only to his musical career.

“I don’t see any pressure; I’m not going to put any pressure there.” Even though a lot of things were going on, I wouldn’t say it had anything to do with it. Many things were going on in the background; I can’t say if they were personal or not. That, combined with so many other factors, can be overwhelming,” he stated.

KiDi attributed his courage and resilience to his mother’s prayers. “I am grateful to have a prayerful mother.” “I pray, but my mother’s prayers always keep me going,” he explained.


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