I cook for Kuami Eugene using my 400gh salary – ex househelp alleges


Mary, the former domestic assistant of the Ghanaian hiplife sensation Kuami Eugene, continues to garner attention with her allegations against her ex-employer.

In a recent interview, Mary offered her perspective, refuting claims of ingratitude and shedding light on her experiences while working for the music artist.

Contrary to common belief, Mary emphasized that she is not an ungrateful person, challenging the narrative that has surrounded her since her departure from Kuami Eugene’s residence.

She delved into how she utilized the money she received for cooking services, providing insights into the dynamics of their professional relationship. Mary also recounted a specific incident that led to the deterioration of her working relationship with Kuami Eugene.

She described a day when exhaustion from a long day of cooking caused her to unintentionally leave a pot of soup unattended, resulting in it burning. Mary claimed that Kuami Eugene insisted she use her own money to prepare another soup to replace the burnt one, forcing her to use a portion of the Ghc 400 salary she received.

The relationship between the Ghanaian hiplife artist Kwame Eugene and his housekeeper, Mary, concluded on a somber note about a week ago. According to Mary’s recent interview, Kuami Eugene initially paid her 400 cedis, increasing it to 600 cedis after two years of service.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances and misunderstandings, Kuami Eugene decided to ask her to leave his house.

In the past year, Kuami Eugene had expressed admiration for Mary, featuring her in some of his TikTok videos and songs, even writing some songs for her. Despite this, it appears that a perceived transgression led to her dismissal.


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