I am God’s servant who has been sent to save the youth – Shatta Wale reveals


Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has revealed his Devine mission mission as a servant of the most high God, using music to positively impact the lives of young people.

During an event in Accra over the weekend, Shatta Wale assured he will make a difference by sharing his personal experiences and coaching the youth away from the challenges he faced while struggling to reach the limelight.

Stating that he serves as a conduit for spreading the message of God through his music, Shatta Wale underscored his dedication to engaging in spiritual dialogues with the Almighty. He expressed a wish for people to follow him not just for his musical contributions but also for the meaningful message he intends to share.

Shatta Wale urged young individuals to have confidence in themselves, debunked myths surrounding mystical practices, and conveyed appreciation to those who believed in him. While acknowledging the initial lack of belief in his potential during his earlier career, he emphasized the positive impact he now aspires to achieve through his influence.

During the launch of his real estate venture, Feelbro Houses, Shatta Wale displayed support by generously gifting five fans GHC 5000 each. He called for unity within Ghana’s music industry and lamented the absence of collaborative efforts among artists to collectively uplift their fan base.

In anticipation of the future, Shatta Wale proposed the idea of organizing a music workshop in the upcoming year, with the goal of empowering talented youth in both the realms of music and identity formation.


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