Court reports reveal Hajia4real used 5 accounts to take US$2million from 6 scam victims


According to court reports, Hajia4Real maintained five foreign bank accounts in which she accumulated funds from six victims.

The court documents, as provided by Gossips24 Avenue, revealed that these bank accounts were established under various non-existent business names in three different banks in Bronx, New York.

These accounts, referred to as the ‘Montrage Accounts,’ were numbered from Account 1 to Account 5, and the court detailed how Hajia4Reall operated them.

Accounts 1 and 3 were designated as business accounts in the name of ‘Mona Montrage DBA 4Reall Designs,’ supposedly a beauty supply store with a sole proprietorship.

She held the sole signatory rights for both Account 1 and Account 3, which were opened on May 23, 2018, and September 15, 2016, respectively.

However, there appeared to be no transactions related to beauty supplies in these accounts.

Accounts 2, 4, and 5 were bank accounts held in the name of ‘Mona Faiz Montrage.’ Initially, the sole signatory on Account 2 was solely “Montrage,” but another individual (Individual 2) was later added to the account.

The sole signatories for Account 2 and 5 increased over time. Between December 31, 2013, and October 15, 2019, these Montrage accounts saw deposits totaling $2,165,000, with subsequent withdrawals of about $2,096,000.

Most of these deposits consisted of cash and international wire transfers to Ghana.

In addition to this, it was uncovered that Hajia4Reall was involved in a romance scheme where she allegedly defrauded a 70-year-old woman.


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