A woman who was stopped from committing suicide was sentenced to death for trying to commit suicide


According to reports, Iraqi officials sentenced a Nigerian lady to death by beating for reportedly attempting to take her own life before being rescued.

Dose Rebecca Oluwaseunfunmi, the woman, was an immigrant in the orthodox Islamic country after fleeing her own country in search of greener pastures.

According to Sahara Reporters, she is set to be executed next month (November).

“Unfortunately, she’s in a delicate situation right now in Iraq because she attempted to take her own life and was saved but has been sentenced to be beaten to death next month (November) for attempting suicide,” a source is quoted as saying, amid an appeal to President Bola Tinubu’s government to intervene.

Sahara Reporters called the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), but its Head of Media, Abdurrahmaan Balogun Arab, stated the news had not reached them.

“We are unaware of it.” “Can a family member or anyone with details send a petition to admin@nidcom.gov.ng,” he is quoted as saying in a text message to Sahara Reporters.

This comes after a Nigerian man was allegedly beaten to death by a bunch of Chinese in the Republic of the Philippines.

“They tied his hands, covered and tied his mouth, and beat him blue-black until he died.”

“Regardless of the relationship between the Philippines and China, this should never be swept under the rug!”

“How inhumane and barbaric!” “I can’t think straight right now because of the horrific videos I’m getting from the hospital,” Michael Ojuola, a friend of the dead who revealed the incident, wrote.

It is unknown what crime the deceased committed to justify his heinous and illegal murder.


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