Adina Thembi recounts when 16 fibroids were found in her


Adina Thembi revealed that she was in a life-threatening medical predicament when 16 fibroids were discovered in her.

The fibroid disease was discovered by her cousin, a nurse, according to the Adina. She reveals that an early scan revealed she had eight fibroids, but the tale eventually changed.

Adina explains that she went to the gym to eliminate a bulge in her abdomen, but despite her efforts, she witnessed no improvement.

I suspected I might have fibroids when I was working out but I always had a bulge in my lower abdomen. I’ll work out, and make sure I am sticking to the right diet but there was no difference. You’ll notice that I’d lose weight the way I wanted but only that part had a bit of the bulge,” she said.

 “then I stopped working out because at that moment It was something else. I noticed I was gaining more and more weight and the bulge was becoming more and more visible. I had a cousin who was a nurse and I was laying down one day and she was like, yeah, it’s definitely fibroids because she could see that it was poking out”.

“So, I went to a hospital to have it checked and to do a scan. The first doctor I went to said I was pregnant and I told him I would know if I were pregnant. He said I’ve got very huge fibroids and I have to do surgery instantly. He was scaring me. The way he said it discouraged me. I didn’t like his vibe,” she said.

“So I went to a different hospital and they detected I had 8 fibroids. They said I had to take it out because of where they were. Some of them were around my ovaries. so, this was detected by the doctor at the Tema Women’s Hospital. Dr. Yaba. She walked me through it. I stuck with her because I liked how she spoke to me. I didn’t like the first doctor,” she added.

Recounting how she got rid of them, she told the host that “I booked a surgery and in had the surgery and they ended up taking 16 out. Some are very big. Some like an egg or a walnut. But there was one that was really huge and I asked myself whether that really came out of me. those things were feeding on my blood so I became very anaemic for a long time. I am happy that it is out now. I have gone back to the hospital to check and it’s no more there. I am hoping and praying that it stays that way.

Talking about her fears before and after the surgery, the award-winning Ghanaian vocalist said, “I feared that I wasn’t going to make it out of the theatre alive. I’ve always had the thought that it could affect childbirth. I guess I wouldn’t know unless I try.


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