VIDEO: Over joyed Obronii speaks Twi after meeting Black Sherif for the first time


In a funny interview with prominent podcast presenter Stephalways, Ghanaian musician Black Sherif demonstrated how to charm a man in the Ghanaian method.

The exchange piqued the interest of many Ghanaians, who were both startled and delighted by it.

Stephalways asked Black Sherif for his thoughts on how a woman might express her admiration for a man in a way that is acceptable in Ghanaian society during the podcast.

The teenage musician said that saying “woy me taste” in Twi is one of the best methods to express admiration in Ghanaian. This phrase, which translates to “I admire you” in English, was a straightforward method to express admiration and appreciation to someone you care about.

Steph attempted to repeat Blacko’s Twi phrase numerous times and succeeded each time. What piqued the interest of social media users was not just Black Sherif’s response, but also the way Stephalways, who is not known for knowing Twi, precisely echoed the Twi statement.

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