VIDEO: NDC members perform ‘rituals’ swearing they and thier first born should if they let the party down


A video has surfaced online showing members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) taking a solemn oath, presided over by prominent party figure Elvis Afriyie Ankrah. The video has sparked intense public backlash and raised concerns about the nature of the ceremony.

In the footage, Ankrah is seen dressed in a white kaftan, conducting the ceremony with a white cloth laid on the floor. Participants stand on the white cloth, holding a long, shiny sword, as they take turns reciting the oath.

The pledge involves a commitment not to compromise the party’s interests for personal gain in the upcoming elections, with severe consequences if they were to break their vow.

The oath concludes with participants stating, “As I hold this sword, I swear that if I compromise and sell out my party in exchange for money in the next election, may I die and my first child also die, so help me God.”

The motive behind this ritualistic oath-taking remains unclear, with some describing it as occultic. The widely condemned ceremony, filmed with the organizers’ apparent knowledge, has caused a storm of reactions from the public.

Critics argue that such practices undermine the democratic process and raise questions about the transparency and integrity of the NDC as the party prepares for the December 7 elections.

The NDC, aiming to regain power from the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) after previous election losses, now faces increased scrutiny and internal strife. Authorities and party leaders are expected to address the situation and provide clarification on the circumstances surrounding the oath-taking ceremony.


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