VIDEO: Lady goes mád after accepting a ride from a sakawa guy


On the streets of Lagos, a shocking incident occurred when a young Nigerian lady, dressed like a Gen Z fashion enthusiast, lost her cool after getting out of a sakawa guy’s car.

Onlookers were perplexed and concerned for her well-being as the distressing scene unfolded on her way home.

The pretty lady, whose appearance suggested a carefree demeanor at first, began acting strangely while walking the streets of Lagos.

In a viral video, she can be seen visibly agitated, screaming for help, and acting in ways that indicate extreme distress. Among her distressing behaviors, the lady inappropriately touched herself and repeatedly expressed her desire to contact her mother.

Among her erratic behavior, she claimed to have been raped by a group of Sakawa men.

Onlookers watched the scene unfold, understandably hesitant to intervene directly, with many capturing the disturbing incident on their smartphones.


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