VIDEO: Freezy Macbones publicly proposes marriage to Delay


Ghanaian boxer Seth Gyimah, also known as Freezy Macbones, has made a public marriage proposal to TV and radio personality Delay during an appearance on her show.

Freezy Macbones expressed his admiration for Delay, referring to her as his dream woman, and he declared his willingness to put a ring on her finger if given the opportunity. Throughout the interview, Freezy Macbones blushed while expressing his affection for Delay.

He highlighted several qualities that attracted him to Delay, including her elegant dressing, well-spoken nature, and her composed response to social media attacks. Freezy Macbones praised Delay for not engaging in negative exchanges online.

When questioned about the possibility of violence due to his boxing background, Freezy Macbones assured Delay that he would shower her with love and not resort to violence.

Social media users have responded by encouraging Delay to consider Freezy’s proposal, noting that he spoke sincerely and appears to be a kind-hearted individual. The public marriage proposal has added an unexpected romantic twist to Delay’s show.


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