VIDEO: Evangelist Suro Nyame and singer Kwame Nut arrested – details


The internet has once received a controversial content that has generated lots of explanation from different people. As to whether thier understanding matches the intention behind the content, let’s find out.

After thrilling music lovers with several tunes, Kwame Nut has blessed the streets with another banger dubbed OBRA. Evangelist Suro Nyame on the other hand has been a motivation to the ghetto youth with his relatable style of conveying God’s word to the world.

What seems to be a great strategy to promote his new single, has got people understanding the concept differently. In the viral video which was had Kwame Nut, Suro Nyame and a police man in it made people think they have been arrested.

His, song OBRA ha taken over tik tok trends and is certainly a sound that can make a tik tok creator go viral when used.

OBRA is a relatable song which speaks about the reality of life and how people have given in to immorality due to stress they cannot take anymore.

The song promises to be one of December’s greatest jams which is definitely going to break boundaries. The song is available on all streaming platforms.


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