University student sacked after joining the cieling fan challenge on Tik Tok


According to reports, a Nigerian lady was expelled from Madonna University for participating in the popular Ceiling Tiktok challenge.

In a viral video, the lady is seen dancing to “Surround Sound” in her hostel and twerking as the challenge requires.

Unfortunately for her, the video quickly spread among her colleagues at the university, and she quickly became the topic of the day.

In viral videos, some male students can be seen gathered around campus, playing the video on each of their phones at the same time and having a good time.

The videos also show a crowd following a woman who appears to be packing her belongings into a car in front of the university.

The video was brought to the attention of university authorities, who found it to be in violation of university codes of conduct and expelled her from the School.

The Ceiling TikTok challenge began almost a week ago, and many women have taken part since then.

Some couples have joined to add to the excitement.

The challenge involves people twerking and dancing to music while their phones are placed on their fans or stuck to the ceiling for a bird’s eye view video shot.


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