TV stations should push money-making skills with their platform and not penis enlargement drugs – Akwaboah


Award winning Ghanaian musicians Akwaboah has revealed how worrisome it is to have penis enlargement ads flooding the TV stations instead of money making skills.

According to him, that particular thing has become a norm will not benefit the coountry in any way. He stated that most Ghanaians only have sex in mind and not a way to fly out of poverty.

He tweeted: 

What is going on in Ghana? What is the matter? I was here making plans for my Lighthouse album and I decided to take a break and watch television. And all that I kept seeing was various Penis Enlargement products advertisements. Are men in Ghana crawling? So for Ghanaians all that we think about is sex right? When will you teach us how to make money or teach us the word of God? I think it’s time to change our mindset.”


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