This is why Shatta Wale refused to perform at 2023 Uniland festival


Once again, the controversial figure in the reggae dancehall scene, Shatta Wale, finds himself making headlines, and not in a positive light.

The renowned and multi-award-winning musician was scheduled to take the stage at the Uniland Festival at La Palm Royal Beach on December 30. However, much to the disappointment of the audience, he failed to make an appearance.

In response to the incident, Shatta Wale’s manager, Sammy Flex, took to social media to address the issue. He released a statement outlining the artist’s decision to back out of the performance.

The statement unequivocally pointed out that Shatta Wale opted not to attend due to the poor planning of the event. Furthermore, it revealed that the artist canceled his performance after not receiving the agreed-upon upfront payment.


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