This is what made Uniland Festival organizers throw Pappy Kojo off stage


Ghanaian hip-hop artist, Pappy Kojo, has sparked headlines following a tumultuous incident at the recently concluded Uniland Festival in Accra. Tensions escalated when the artist, using his X platform, issued a threat to disrupt the event, stating, ‘I’m coming with boys to come stop the show. Next time u will know who to play with.’

Videos circulating on social media captured the moment Pappy Kojo stormed the stage, seized the DJ’s turntable, and faced a confrontation regarding the incident.

Eyewitness accounts, including one from entertainment journalist Dessy Fayden of Metro TV, suggested that Pappy Kojo took such drastic action due to the alleged non-payment of appearance fees by the event organizers. Fayden recounted, “Pappy Kojo seized my colleague @iamdjlegend DJ controller because he said the Uniland organizers owed him. That’s why he was on the stage and was eventually pushed off. My boy’s controller is now damaged.”

Additional footage showed Pappy Kojo grabbing the microphone from the MC, announcing the cancellation of the show. Bouncers forcibly removed him from the stage, resulting in an ankle injury, and he was assisted to an ambulance by some individuals. In an interview with Ghanaweb, DJ Legend stated that the police had to intervene to compel Pappy Kojo to return the equipment.

“During the show, there was a power outage, and when the light came on and I was about to start, what I realized was he had taken off my cables and carried my controller away. So I had a confrontation with him and I told him… I spoke to him for more than ten minutes, and then even the police came, and they told him that he should return the mixer to me. And that if he had any misunderstanding, he should go to the organizer.”

“Before I knew it, he had gotten on a motor and was going out with it… So I rushed to the other side with the help of the police, and then they stopped him and managed to convince him to give it to me. But he instead dropped the device on the floor, damaging it,” he said.

DJ Legend mentioned that the equipment is damaged beyond repair, and he has reported the matter to Mercury Quaye, his mentor.

The incident has stirred reactions on social media, with some condemning Pappy Kojo’s actions, while others criticized the organizers for their alleged mistreatment of artists. The Uniland Festival aims to be a premier global stage, showcasing Ghanaian creative talents. This year’s event featured a lineup of renowned artists, including Shatta Wale, Medikal, Keche, Kelvynboy, Kwaw Kese, Afrobeast, Zigi, Kofi Mole, Tulenkey, and Kofi Jamar.


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