Teachers to either prepare lesson notes electronically or handwritten – GES


In the historical progression of the teaching profession, educators have played a crucial role in imparting knowledge to students across a variety of subjects, fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

In Ghana, teachers have traditionally prepared their scheme of work and lesson notes using designated Teacher Lesson Note Books provided by the school. These records outlined weekly topics, subject to scrutiny and approval by the Headteachers before implementation.

Over the years, adherence to this practice became deeply rooted within the Ghana Education Service (GES) framework, with teachers facing consequences for failing to submit their lesson plans for vetting on Mondays.

However, recent changes in the curriculum and educational systems have introduced complexities. In a significant development in 2024, the GES has issued a directive mandating District/Municipal/Metropolitan Directors of Education to accept both handwritten and electronically prepared lesson notes in printed or email formats from teachers.

This shift has caused confusion among teachers and headmasters alike. Teachers now have the flexibility to prepare notes using various methods, leading to resistance from headteachers who reluctantly comply with the directive.


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