Shaka Zulu of 4×4 to be released from prison soon – more to it


4X4’s music member, popularly known as Shaka Zulu is set to be released from prison today after he was jailed for robbery in 2010.

Well, for those of you who don’t know who is Shaku Zulu – He has the looks of an ugly man (but the ladies love him) with scary dreadlocks and was featured in the 4X4 ‘Fresh Ones’ music video.

He was once featured in a Tigo television commercial and made appearances in Efiewura, the local sitcom. The guy was about to make it and suddenly, he got arrested and jailed for robbery.

The Popular TV Star, Richard Cobbina, alias Shaka Zulu, was charged with robbery and was been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

He together with three other accomplices were each given fifteen (15) years for conspiracy and another 15 for robbery to run concurrently for robbing some Nigerians.


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