Secular artists outperform gospel artists – Felicia Osie’s interview with Andy Odarky will shock you


Felicia Osei’s recent interview with musician Andy Odarky has gained media attention due to some noteworthy statements made by the interviewee.

During the interview, the popular radio presenter inquired about Odarky’s classification as either a secular artist or a gospel artist, prompting him to share his thoughts candidly.

Andy Odarky clarified that he does not consider himself a gospel artist and took the opportunity to express his opinion that secular musicians often outshine their gospel counterparts.

In the interview with Felicia Osei, Odarky criticized many contemporary gospel artists for their lack of originality in creating music, suggesting that they rely heavily on existing hymns and old songs rather than crafting their own unique compositions. He viewed this tendency as a sign of laziness.

Contrasting the gospel musicians’ approach, Odarky praised secular artists who dedicate time and effort to brainstorming and creating original music, rather than merely imitating existing work.

He believes that the secular musicians’ commitment to their craft shows that they put in more effort compared to gospel musicians.

Surprised by these revelations, Felicia Osei went on to ask further thought-provoking questions during the interview.

Good listeners where are you. What do you think about what he is saying 🤔 #blogger #ghanamedia

Posted by Blacc Tbwoy on Saturday, November 4, 2023


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