Sam George: „Even the tongue and the teeth fight, how much more a couple in marriage“.


During a recent interview with Berla Mundi, Sam George contributed concerning the reason behind rampant divorces in Ghana.

He furthered by saying so many divorces in Ghana is as a result of too much “Telenovelas” on tv stations are a major problem towards so many divorces in Ghana. He explained by emphasizing that, these telenovelas are just scripted and have a totally different impression in real life experiences.

Sam continued by saying it’s important couples or partners don’t get too fantasized with what they see in movies but endeavor to know each other better before getting into courtship, thus marriage.

In one of his sentences, he said it’s also very necessary to avoid violence in marriage as it’s one of the devastating letdowns in our society today.

He also encouraged couples to learn to understand each other as both parties are always from different backgrounds.


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