NSMQ 2023: Achimota School takes out Wesley Girls and St Louis


Achimota School won a huge victory in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) semi-final battle, removing Wesley Girls’ SHS and St Louis SHS from the competition.

Achimota (41), Wesley (31) and St Louis (26) were the final scores. Notably, they were the competition’s final remaining girls’ schools, and their energetic involvement was inspiring.

Girls’ schools have had a difficult time reaching the NSMQ finals, with the most recent appearance occurring in 2013.

The victory for Achimota School signifies a remarkable success in the semi-finals, positioning them to fight at the highest level.

The NSMQ promises more dramatic confrontations and the pursuit of knowledge as the competition develops, providing a stimulating atmosphere for both participants and spectators alike.


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